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Dungeon time part 1
panzerwalt wrote in the_gallimaufry
ok guild, i want to try and get a few of the Dungeons done. and it looks like a bunch of you are free on a verity of days over the next week. so i will brake it down in to two nights to start with.

part 1 will be on Thursday night 12-30-10. we will start with the easy ones so any of your characterss level 25 or higher unless you have some looking for a particular Dungeon at level. lets try and start around 8pm server time, that's 6pm PST. i hope to be done by 10 server time.

part 2 will be on Friday we will be going to the old end game Dungeons that's level 35-60ish so we will need your higher level characters for them. same time

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we shall see what we can do.

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